FAQ about Skin Changer

Skin Changer is a new service for most customers. There is little information on the web about it. Therefore, many players treat its use with caution. They have a lot of questions about the service. Most often, gamers are interested in such topics:

  • Is Skin Changer safe?
  • How to use Skin Changer?
  • Which skins are better to download — paid or free?
  • Can other players find any changes?

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions from users. Such information will help you decide whether to use the service, saving a fairly impressive amount of money comparatively with the official marketplaces.

Skin Changer is a relatively small in its size program (script). After its activation, it is synchronized with files from the root directory of the game. The essence of synchronization is to decrypt the keys set by the developer. The main feature of the program is the automatic mode of operation. That is, the user does not need to have any deep knowledge in IT & programming.

Service provides in-game skins without a donation to developers. Depending on game type customers get various items, such as sets for heroes in Dota 2, appearance of weapons in CS: GO, styles for car tuning in GTA V, etc.

Yes. All skins have been tested by anti-virus software. As for a possible ban, to avoid it, it is enough to follow the instructions exactly.

Just choose Free or Premium skin and push responsible button. Then follow step-by-step instruction for download.

They have a few differences in basic features. However, paid (premium) skins are provided with technical support, constant updates, a user-friendly interface, and rich functionality. Moreover, the VIP skins in each games are premium only.

Changes may or may not be noticeable depending on the game. For example, in CS: GO and Dota 2 skins are replaced locally. That is, rivals will not be able to find out about the changes. Moreover, the player himself will not notice them. In these games, the default character skins will be displayed on the screen.

These answers to questions about Skin Changer will help you understand how to use the service. If necessary, contact a consultant.